Policies and Application forms – Surrey Heath

Cosmetic, Other Surgeries, Devices, Screening, Diagnostics and Other Therapies
Information and forms can be found by using the search facility on the right of the table below (just above Process Pathway). Type a word associated with the intervention you require and a limited list of policies and forms to be displayed. For example Assisted Conception would be displayed if any of the following is typed Assisted, Conception, IVF.

Smoking Cessation before planned surgery: Patients are encouraged to stop smoking prior to planned surgery. Please refer to Thames Valley Policy Statement 78 Smoking cessation before planned surgery.

Fully completed application forms should be saved locally and sent from a secure NHS.net account to scwcsu.cpis.requests@nhs.net for consideration.

InterventionPolicy StatementProcess Pathway
Assisted Conception
Procedure that requires Prior Approval
Assisted Conception and Operating Procedures v10All applications should be made via Blueteq.
List of Procedures Not Routinely Funded
Procedure Not Routinely Funded
List of Procedures Not Routinely FundedAll applications should be made via Blueteq.
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